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Full Repair/Remake Warranty

Freedom Ortho Lab will honor all appliances with “no questions asked” for 30 days from original date of invoice.  This is a repair or remake warranty and not an offer of credit.   This does not apply to mis-bent/mis-adjusted wires, design changes, color changes, or aligners with digitally reset teeth.  This offer also does not apply if the model/scan was received with distortions or required block out, our lab seating of bands with partially erutped molars, or bands reset. 


Limited Repair/ Remake Warranty

Freedom Ortho Lab will warranty appliances free from defects in workmanship for 90 days from the original date of invoice.  We will repair or remake, at our discretion, any appliance or product the does not meet our production standards.  This does not apply to appliances with dentition changes, model distortions, or breakage from improper handling.


How to Submit a Warranty/Remake

Must return original appliance and working model.

Must include a new working model and full, readable areas of concern or misfit.  Videos and Photos, if necessary, are helpful. 


Clear Aligner returns must be submitted with a short video clip and or photo of aligner not seating and scans must have been clean, non-repaired scans. We will not warranty any aligner case that has scanned stone models, digital models that required clean-up, or cases with missing information that is requested from laboratory.  We will not warranty aligner cases that where patients are non-compliant, or when attachments were included in the case and not placed by the provider. 

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