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Digital File Uploads

Use this space to upload your clear aligner .stl files. Please ensure that you include U/L scans and bite registrations. Additionally, providing photos, Panorex, or CBCT scans would be highly beneficial.

Expansion & Functionals

Upload your .stl  files for all types of expansion and functional appliances. Please include any band sizes and colors. 


Use this RX to Upload your .stl files for fabrication of all types of retainers.  Clear Retainers, Hawley Retainers and Fixed Retainers! 

#retainers for life


Need a splint designed?  Need a splint fabricated from your design?  Upload your files here and any design specifics. 

Space Maintenance

Use this RX to upload your pediatric scans for space maintainers and habit appliances.

Need a service not listed here?  This is the place to upload those special requests!


More Questions?  Get in touch to learn more.

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